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Safely remove paint and glitter tattoos:

Paintsburgh pittsburgh face painting uses only products that comply with FDA requirements for safety.

To safely remove face paints:

All of our products wash off easily with soap and water. Red, black, and darker colors contain more pigment and will take additional washing to remove. The best way to remove the darker colors is with baby shampoo and dark face cloth. We do NOT recommend baby wipes.


To care for and/or remove glitter tattoos:

1. Do NOT scrub or rub with a loofah, bath puffs, or washcloths. Pat dry with a towel.

2. Avoid contacting painted areas with oils, lotions, bug spray, alcohol-based products, or conditioners. Also, avoid using moisturizing soaps or oils on or near the glitter areas as oil-based products break down the glue.

3. Avoid wearing tight clothing over the glittered area, as this will rub the glitter off.

4. To remove the design, rub baby oil or mineral oil gently over the design until the adhesive dissolves. Then wash with soap & water.

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